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Pueblo Mesa

We interviewed several builders before deciding on Noga Custom Builders, and the decision was not made lightly there was/is a lot of competition out there these days.  Frank impressed us with his calm demeanor and very straight forward plan.  Our home was not the easiest to get situated because of zoning and water issues, but he was with us the whole way, so when we got to break ground in February of 2013 we were very excited.  It took several different home bids before we finally got the one that fit our budget and Frank made sure to keep us on the right path for both energy efficiency and durability of the home itself.  The process was nearly painless with Frank, he was like a drill sergeant in making sure our home was on target both time and budget wise, with no unexpected delays or costs.  He surprised us about 60% of the way through the build with being under budget which allowed us the room for some upgrades we wanted from the beginning. I would highly recommend Noga Homes to anyone who is looking for a truly stress free build that you can feel you are getting the full value out of your contractor, and a home that will last.

~Jack and Jana Snell

Home built from February 2013 through May 2013

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